Bali in General

With the reputation of one of the most beautiful and various tourist destinations in Asia. Bali annually attracts almost 1,000,000 visitors from around the world.

Geographical Bali is situated between the islands of Java and Lombok. Bali is small and extends 140 kms from west to east and 80 kms from north to south. The highest of a series of volcanic mountains running from east to west, which is Mount Agung, last erupted in 1963.


Bali lies just 8 degrees south of the equator, and has a tropical climate with two seasons per year (wet and dry), and an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius.


The wide and gently sloping famous rice terraces are among the most spectacular in the world. In the hilly, northern coastal areas, are the main products coffee, copra, spices, vegetables, cattle and rice.


The Balinese people have strong spiritual roots and despite the large influx of tourists over the years, their culture is still very much alive. The main religion is Agama Hindu Dharma, originally from India, is a unique blend of Hindu, Buddhist, Javanese and ancient indigenous beliefs. It is very different from the Hinduism practiced in India today.


Balinese people traditionally have a natural, creative talent and use it for religious purposes. The beautiful works can be seen on the island and are inspired by stories from the Ramayana and other Hindu history. The majority of Bali, 3,000,000 people live in tight village communities with large extended families. The largest towns are Denpasar (capital) and Singaraja in the north.


Kuta is a major tourist attraction since 1970 because of its famous white sand beaches, the surf and spectacular sunsets.

Currently, the area of   Kuta to Seminyak is a very popular tourist destination with hundreds of hotels, bars, restaurants and shops. Who is looking for some peace is better off to look for a resort in Sanur and Candi Dasa on the east coast, or Lovina in the north.


Nusa Dua is located on the southern peninsula of Bali. It has many five star hotels and many villa resorts. The central village of Ubud, in the hilly region of Gianyar, has also become a tourist attraction and is now the artistic and cultural centre of Bali.

Sanur is perhaps one of the popular and authentic resort in Bali. Sanur offers a variety of hotels in different categories. The beaches are magnificent and stretch along the calm and shallow sea. There are numerous restaurants, bars, cafes and all kinds of souvenir shops spread throughout the village.

Sanur is situated on the southeast coast of Bali. Sanur has a cozy center with a long outstretched shopping street. Everywhere there are temples to find which you can visit in appropriate clothes. There is also a public golf course. Sanur is very centrally located and only 10 minutes removed of the capital Denpasar and 25 minutes from Kuta / Legian and Seminyak.