Beaches on Bali


The beaches of the island of Bali are one of the most visited holiday destinations in the world. Each beach is different, depending on what you are looking for a place to relax, surf, sunbathe, you name it, Bali has it all! Below is a brief guide to the beach to make your stay in Bali a lot more fun.


1 Soka Soka beach in Tabanan regency, 10 km west of Gilimanuk (the ferry port town that connects Bali and Java). Soka is also a popular hangout for the local younger generation. These spend their weekends or holidays for sightseeing. Another attraction to Soka is the small black sand beach.


2 Geger: This beach is accessible via an unpaved road leading to the Nikko Bali Resort. The beach offers a lot of privacy, which makes topless sunbathing very popular here. Another attraction are the seaweed plantations. Geger attracts mainly European tourists and is a good place for children because the water is safe to swim in, no waves or currents. The fact that the beach has fewer vendors, makes the beach more enjoyable.


3 Sanur beach is located in a quiet, tranquil lagoon, perfect for windsurfing, parasailing and other recreational activities. The calm waters of Sanur make it very popular as a destination for family leisure. Sanur is a famous place to see the sunrise.


4 Dreamland beach is really beautiful and clear blue water looks very inviting. Swimming is not possible due to the strong currents, yet there are a lot of those braving the waves. The waves of Dreamland make this an excellent playground for experienced surfers. Although the beach is relatively short, during the daytime there is a buzz of interest and provides a perfect and relaxing meeting place.


5 Lovina beach is known as an excellent site for sunset watching, snorkelling and diving. If you do not like the crowds, then Lovina Beach is for you. Dolphin viewing is one of the main attractions in Lovina.


6 Balangan: This hidden paradise, with spectacular views of white sandy beach is located north of Dreamland Beach. From Kuta it is accessible via a small, long bumpy road. At low tide you can see that the vast reef protects this haven of peace and quiet. Bring a pair of rubber shoes to avoid the sharp rocks.


7 Kuta is the most popular beach in Bali. The beach is also known as the centre of the nightlife. A Mecca of shops, boutiques and galleries. The beach itself is regularly packed with sunbathers, masseurs and suppliers. Kuta is also a favourite place to surf or enjoy the beautiful sunset.


8 Tanah Lot, one of the most popular attractions in Bali, is located in the Tabanan Regency. It is the home of one of the famous Hindu temples and of the largest temples in the worship of Balinese gods. The temple itself is built on a small peninsula, which provides access only at low tide. Above and on the terrace is a large number of restaurants and souvenir shops that make your visit to Tanah Lot enjoyable.


9 Nyanyi: Another black sandy beach is about 10 minutes from for Tanah Lot direction Canggu. The beach of Nyanyi is very popular among the locals and especially during the sunset when many young people visit it. Nyanyi is very quiet all day until about four o'clock in the afternoon.


10 Mata Hari Terbit Literally translated as "sunrise". The beach of Mata Hari Terbit is a natural place in the morning to watch the sunrise. The beach is known as the hangout of the younger generation.